Meet Dr. J. Murphy Crum

My Personal Chiropractic Experience

I just wasn’t the typical chiropractic case. At least not the kind of new patient I see on a daily basis now.

My parents were ready for a last resort. Living in a tropical climate had it’s trade-offs if you were an asthmatic. It wasn’t just tough on me. Only now, with children of my own, can I understand what it must have been like watching an 8 year old struggling for breath through the night. Or how desperate they really must have been to take a child to “one of those Chiropractors.” But they did, and it worked. The attacks subsided and I haven’t had one since.

Choosing Chiropractic for Life

Chiropractic care continued to be a part of my life through bumps, sprains twists and turns, but it wasn’t until I was working as a kennel boy at a local animal hospital that I got the bug to actually be a Chiropractor. Another last resort; only this time the “parents” were owners of a small dog that was losing the use of his back legs and his ability to defecate. With a little pleading to my Chiropractor and the blessing of the Vet and, of course, the owners, we all, in a sense “tried” Chiropractic and it worked. After that the only thing I wanted to be was “one of those Chiropractors.”

Chiropractic Education

I began my pre-chiropractic studies at Youngstown State University with the intention of being a veterinarian. It was the experience there that finally tipped the scales to change my goal to Chiropractic. Dr. Jim Sansone insisted I visit Life University in Georgia to interview and submit transcripts. I didn’t know he was going to leave me there. I didn’t see Ohio again until the end of my first quarter.

Initially, after being “dropped off”, my motivation was fear, but the philosophy of working with the body’s inherent ability to heal itself intrigued me and simply made sense in light of my past personal experiences. It’s a wonderful thing when you find your niche in life, and I felt that for the first time with chiropractic.

On A Personal Note

My wife Cheryl and I have four children, Samantha, Meghan, Devin and Joe. The girls are hard at work in Columbus and Youngstown, Devin and Joe in graduate school at YSU and Ohio University.  Cheryl works full time with us in the office, and loves Reiki, running and Yoga. I really enjoy gardening. Being outside with my hands in the earth seems to recharge me. It’s a great diversion and good source of instant gratification.

Living A Well-Adjusted Life

Ironically, this profession is tough on the doctors back! The the manual therapy techniques I use in the office are easy on the patient, but place quite a bit of stress and strain on my spine, shoulders arms and legs. I usually find myself in the hands of my Chiropractor every two or three weeks. The good news is it keeps me going strong.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your specific health challenges and goals. Give our office a call or email me to get started on your path to wellness.