Progressive Rehab FacilityDr. Crum has been certified Levels I, II, and III by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board through Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Traumatized neuromusculoskeletal tissues (bones, joints, muscles and nerves), benefit tremendously from rehab procedures.  Long term recovery is best achieved by restoring function.  We handle a wide range of not just spinal, but extremity conditions such as shoulder problems including rotator cuff injuries, elbow and wrist conditions such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndromes. Lower extremity problems involving the hip, knees ankles and feet are also cared for.

The combination approach of chiropractic care and rehabilitation addresses both the acute (fresh) phase of the injury and the chronic (long-term) effects of the problem.  Chiropractic care increases the benefits of exercise by restoring and maintaining movement and function, as well as, reducing pain and relaxing muscle spasm.  Range of motion, isometrics, coordination, motor pattern correction and strengthening are addressed to go beyond symptomatic improvement to causative factors and injury prevention.

Dr. Crum treats sport related injuries